About Us

In an effort to foster partnership and future collaborations in controlling and eventually eliminating the NTDs, KEMRI has partnered with the MoH, Neglected Tropical Diseases in hosting the 10th Neglected Tropical Diseases Conference. 

The goal of this branch in the ministry of health is to prevent, control, eliminate and eradicate NTDs using cost effective and synergistic strategies in the targeted populations.

It is anticipated that this will be achieved through

  • Strengthening government ownership,advocacy,coordination and partnership 
  • Enhancing planning for results,resource mobilization and financial sustainability of NTDs programmes
  • Scale up access to interventions,treatment and system capacity building 
  • Enhance monitoring and evaluation of NTDs control activities,surveillance and operational research

The MoH Neglected Tropical Diseases unit has spearheaded: Identification and verification of NTDs cases, Mapping of affected areas and populations to establish prevalence and confirm endemicity, Mounting relevant interventions using the PHASE strategy as well as Monitoring & Evaluation  of implementation and supervision. The unit has just concluded advocacy campaigns for NTDS in all the counties and is currently conducting surveillance with case reports being received from all over the country.